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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Serious about Christmas fun!!

Hmmm... perhaps you think it's too early for Christmas??? We are not yet celebrating Christmas, but we are preparing for Christmas in July!!

The entire new Nancy Halvorsen (from Art To Heart) Christmas range is now in store and online.

Last year the fabric range was almost gone by September, when most people really started to look for their Christmas prints.

Make sure you get in early. There are 36 prints, plus the panel (shown at the top of the screen)...

We wait in eager anticipation for Nancy's new book which will feature projects made using all of these fabrics.

Watch this space for updates!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Please don't drool on the quilt

Our quilting interests tend to cycle... sometimes we just want to hand sew, other times we want to follow a pattern without having to think too much, and yet other times we want to let our creative juices flow... uninterrupted, without thinking too much.

That's why this project feels just right for me at the moment. You can sit down to machine piece the silks together.

Then carry the blocks around and enjoy embellishing them at liberty... or select designs to replicate or alter...

This is a customer show and tell piece.

The silks glow and shimmer. It eminates warmth. And makes me feel cosy.
Now, I just want to sew! sew! sew!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We love picking fabric

Oh yes, we love picking fabric. Exactly the right prints for these house appliques were found on our shelves. Would you believe they were purchased on Sunday, and we were lucky enough to see this cushion on Tuesday? It's beautiful. The designer (as you can see, she is not pictured) will soon be releasing the cushion as a pattern. Thank you for sharing with us.