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Friday, July 10, 2009

Jean's windmills

We can't decide whether this is Jean's first or second quilt! I think it will be the first one she has finished, although she is nearing the end of her beginner's quilt class!!

Jean and I joked that this photo was a little like Foo peering over the wall. I will always think of this quilt with the name Le Fou now... I wonder what Jean will name it.

The pattern is from this book Strip Crazy. Somehow when I was taking this photo, the camera has focussed on the carpet instead of the book!! I only noticed it on this screen - it's too small to notice on the digital camera!! Anyway, the book is full of patterns for using with jelly rolls.

Here is a photo of the original quilt.

Jean has already added the borders, and is ready to hand it over to Wilma for quilting - just as soon as she has shown it to "the teacher" in her class on Monday!! Jean says she wants to be "teacher's pet". Jean is planning her next quilt already. A born quilter! Who would have thought she would stumble upon making quilts when she popped in not even 3 months ago!!

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