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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Women Update

These little baskets were made in the last Jo's Little Women Club session for the year. Each basket will be one of 9 in small quilts.Each block was made by a different person for their own quilt. The finished size of the block is only 4 inches.
These are the medallion quilts some of the girls have been working on:
This is Shelley's quilt so far. The colours remind me of cherry blossoms...

So very pretty...

This is Judy's. Complete with borders.

Don't you think the black is striking?

This is Carmel's. She is going to add another row of flying geese around the quilt to enlarge it.

So very different, so much fun!!

I hope to see more updates as they become available! Come on girls, bring in your show and tell!

1 comment:

Jo Morton said...

I love all the pictures!
I love the use of fabrics, the colors used - you have a talented group of ladies in your JLW Club.
Yes, it is Jo checking in. Tell the ladies they are doing wonderful!