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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baltimore Album ca 1847 fabric

Do you love the look of Baltimore Album quilts, and want to create your own?Or perhaps you would like to use the "cheater" prints in this fabric range to create an authentic looking reproduction without hours of appliqueing??You could easily piece blocks then use the flower designs as borders or feature fabrics. (Can you tell the original quilt was photographed to provide the fabric design?? The "fake applique" is quite realistic.)The ombre fabrics in this range (those are the ones that vary from light to dark across the bolt) are seriously accurate reproductions. Especially, for the Prussian blue print - the original Prussian blue fabrics were not colourfast. They looked fantastic, until they were washed. The ancient dyeing techniques cannot be replicated for safety reasons, so we cannot duplicate the bright blue that they obtained in the 1840s. However, our blues are colourfast, and more modern techniques are developed each year. I believe we are reaping the benefits in this fabric range.
Also available in fat quarter packs.

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