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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The latest pic!!

What a transformation! This is the view inside the front door.

The front of the shop is carpeted, then begins a floating wooden floor - this is the classroom area. We thought this was best as threads and pins can be difficult to remove from carpet.

There is a storeroom on the left at the back. There is a doorway to the right leading to the kitchen and bathroom.

I loooove the paint colour. It is warm and bright. It will go with everything.

This photo was taken with the lights off. These are modern flourescent lights that assist with colour matching and selection. The fittings help to spread the light around.


Helen Stubbings said...

fantastic start, best of luck with your new venture....hugs, Helen

quiltygal said...

Just been onto your web site, first time I'm ashamed to say, & brought a book,I'll be back congrats on your shop opening

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thanks so much dear ladies. VBG. You know, I just can't stop smiling!!