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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Luxembourg fabrics

I have been trying out some fabrics together that could be used to make the Luxembourg quilt.

I have chosen 37 fat 1/8s, This includes a few spares in case someone wants to swap colours around a little bit, or doesn't like one or two of the fabrics.

The fabrics don't fit all into one photo, so I put them all together on this page.

The light coloured fabric is for the sashing, the black is the same one I used in the original quilt for the binding.

All these fabrics are reproductions from the 1800s - as are the fabrics in the original quilt.

I really like all these fabrics together. Maybe I will make something else with these.... just for fun???


lil said...

hi there
just saw this quilt in the down under quilts digital edition and I'm in love
but now to my question, why this name, you live in australia, so far away
just wanna know, as I live in this little country that's named luxembourg, ;o)))

you really astonished me


Bizarre Quilter said...

Why Luxembourg? I was trying to think of the name of the fabric range I used (which was actually "Lexington" by Jo Morton) and couldn't remember it at the time of emailing the quilt to the project editor!!! LOL!! So, it became Luxembourg. VBG