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Friday, January 23, 2009

What does 374 bolts look like?

Well, it really is happening! We are only a week and one day away from our gala opening day. Did you download our discount vouchers? Of course they are only useful for people who will be in Victoria, Australia over the next few months!!

This is a pallet of fabric on a truck!! The delivery truck came to our home - so it all had to be loaded onto the Ute to take down to the shop premises.

374 extra bolts of fabric. Woah!! I think Santa came late this year, and he wasn't in a sleigh!! You need more than reindeer-power to pull this load!!

I have heard of a quilter whose ceiling caved in after she stashed her fabric in the ceiling where her hubby couldn't see it (do you listen to Cathy Miller the singing quilter?). I can understand why the ceiling fell through, fabric is really heavy!

I can't wait to unwrap it all! I will be drooling for days!! So will you after I show you what they look like... be continued...

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