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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My favourites are sure to become yours too...

We've had so many new patterns arrive that I am busting to tell you about!
This one is for teddybear collectors: Vintage Bears by The Freckles Collection. It features vintage teddy bears and their development over time. I'm not particularly fond of the fabrics chosen in this pattern. What would you do?
This one is titled Quiltmakers. All the stages of quiltmaking by these cute little mice. One of these stitcheries would look cute on a sewing apron. A sewing apron would keep all those little threads from sticking to your polar fleece clothes!! LOL!!
I would like to make this for a special friend - titled The Friendship Quilt it says "Quilting brings friends together". Too cute!!
I want to make the Sleepover bag to take on retreats. Just think, if I can squeeze clean underwear and PJs in here, there will be a lot more room in the car for sewing stuff!!
Leon the Lion is one of my absolute favourites in the Melly and Me series. I will have to make him. My other favourites are Magoo the monkey, Rudy the Reindeer and Mrs Perkins the giraffe.

EMOtional Anna and SeBATsian would make the perfect gift for someone who is a little unusual. Inspired by the emo look - notice the black hair, dark clothes and unusual eye makeup.

French Kiss - I love this pattern. The applique in the centre is optional, instructions are also included for an applique-free quilt. We stock the Mill House Inn Honey Bun to make this quilt.

Creme Fraiche is another new one from Fig Tree Quilts. I prefer the colour option shown in the bottom corner.

I keep finding new goodies that I think I can't do without!! I couldn't keep the blog up to date with everything new coming in, please visit our website or pop into the shop to see more of my favourites, that are sure to become yours too.

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