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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hot off the press!

Just in time for Christmas - it's the new book by Australian author Margaret A. Rowe.

Have you read her first book "The Maria Challenge Quilt"?

Fiction written about quilters and their lives, intertwined with real history. (The quilt guild guest speaker tells the story about of the work of Elizabeth Fry on a convict ship as she taught the women and girls to sew and quilt so they wouldn't have to sell their bodies when their prison time was through.)

The novels are self-published and self-promoted, so you may not have heard of these books yet.

We welcome the second novel by Margaret "The Elizabeth Challenge Quilt". Four friends who share a love of patchwork and quilting continue their quilting journey through life, and are challenged again by their Quilt group to create a quilt following certain rules. Their challenge stems from the story of Australia's first lady - Elizabeth Macarthyr and the birth of the wool industry.

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