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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Butterchurn and Cheddar

This homely range is named "Butterchurn and Cheddar" ...

These are essential ingredients for your circa 1850s reproduction quilts.

Cheddar refers to the orangey tones in the same colour as American cheddar cheese (Aussie cheese is quite a different colour).

Aussie cheese is more like the buttery tones in this range. Nevertheless, these oranges are called "cheddars". After the red and green craze in spectacular applique quilts in the 1840s, little bits of cheddar began creeping into these quilts to the point where some quilts contained lots and lots of cheddar by the 1850s.

I like to add a little bit of chrome yellow and cheddar at a time - a bit more like grated cheese added to a bolognaise.

Thus, Butterchurn and Cheddar fabrics are essential to your reproduction stash if you really want to re-create the look of quilts in the 1850s.

Click the link above to see all 12 pieces in the range.

Also available in fat quarter and fat eighth packs.

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Lurline said...

I love - hope to be back to shop tomorrow!
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