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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Too busy to breathe!

Do you know what I mean when your brain and body are so busy you forget to breathe? Thank goodness for the subconscious in more ways than one.

I really enjoyed my 2 days of walking around the house with "itchy" fingers, looking at UFOs and perhaps a bit of dabbling with them as well...

Then I got back to work, and thought.. Hmmm... when is the QuiltAid quilt due. What? In only four days!!!

So, I got really busy. I had already designed the quilt to incorporate all 12 blocks... I just had to make it, testing out my pattern, then write up the instructions...

Phew! I've done it... in a marathon effort. My DH has photographed the quilt top flat, and photoshopped the binding on for me! (Don't tell will you?).

From tomorrow (Wednesday) you can enter a competition to win all 13 patterns needed to make the quilt above. Click here for details.

I also managed to squeeze in a whole day at the Australian Quilter's Convention (AQC). I saw so many friends, and came home very inspired.

In only one week I am on retreat for the weekend, so I am readying lots of little projects that I want to finish while I am away!!

Gotta run... byeeee...

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