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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Adelaide Collection - William Morris fabric

Yippee!! The Adelaide Collection has arrived! Michele Hill inspired Jason Yenter's illustrations for this fabulous fabric range - the fabric designs are a tribute to the unique collection of William Morris artifacts in Adelaide, South Australia. And the fabrics are only $20 per metre!!! The border prints are in three colourways - blue, coral or purple.

The colours are bright and fresh, and reflect the bright art neoveau tones that were so different to the dark Victorian home decorating schemes.

Don't know what to make? Put away a fat quarter or fat eighth fabric pack with some border fabric. By the time you choose from your patterns, the fabrics you want may be sold out.

The range includes some tone-on-tone fabrics that will pull the colours out of your feature prints.

Click the link above to make an online order. Or you can phone us at the phone number above - better yet? Fondle your fabric in person!! Just hurry!!

1 comment:

Fay said...

This is most unfair of you!
1. How an I going to get the drool out of the keyboard?
2.How am I going to get to Gisborne to fondle the fabric?

I remember part of the Adelaide collection coming to Museum Victoria, but was a bit disappointed in the meagre selection we were allowed to view.
wonder if DH wants to drive me to Gisborne... are there Musical instrument shops there?