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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Penny's owls

Penny's 19year-old (I think) daughter has a liking for owls - Penny is making her a quilt to replace the one she made and was lost in the bushfires. Penny also lost her stash, but she still has her sewing machine!!

Penny has just learnt how to layer the pieces of fabric and fusible web onto baking paper. A layer cake ("Louisa") was a great way to start collecting fabrics for these pieces. Aren't these owls looking great???

We put Penny in touch with Helen from our local CWA where she chose from fabric, tools, rotary cutters, mats etc donated by many generous local people.

We have been collecting fabrics, tools, patterns etc. on behalf of the CWA for crafters who lost their stashes and tools in the fires - someone even dropped off a sewing machine as they bought a new one!!! There is still a box inside the front door where you can drop off any donations for crafters (yes... wool, needles etc!!)
Good on you Penny! We can't wait to see these owls on their backgrounds, and coming to life as you stitch them!!


mamaspark said...

I love Penny's owls. Do you happen to know what pattern she is using or did she make this one up? Adorable!

Leigh said...

I second that compliment and question. I looove them! I'm a birder as well as a quilter, I can't resist bird-themed quilts!!

Bizarre Quilter said...

I will try to find where the pattern is from!! There are 25 different owls in the pattern!